This comic book project started back in 2003 after I saw “The Hulk.” Say what you will about Ang Lee’s distinctive interpretation, the movie got me thinking. The way the main character kept growing and shrinking in size as he powered up or down got me wondering,”where does all that extra mass come from? And where does it go once he doesn’t need it any more?” Joe the Twig-man was the result: my anti-Hulk. While Bruce Banner got bigger and hairier (at least hairier on his head), my guy would start off fat, and shrink down to size as he lost his hair. Very clever, right?

The original version was created in Adobe Illustrator on my old iBook while I sat through my Ancient Near East history class. I want it known that I paid attention in class. Honest I did. I just didn’t take notes. Anyway, the highlight of that class occurred one day when BYU’s then current quarterback, a  member of the class, came up to me and asked me about my comic. He’d noticed me working on it. At the time that attention seemed kind of cool, as he was the starting quarterback. But then he fell out of favor on the football team, lost his starting job, and this anecdote suddenly wasn’t quite as cool as it could have been. Oh well. Such is life.

This comic was just meant as a throw-away idea, something to do to keep me busy, and give me an excuse to buy a Wacom pen tablet for my computer. This story was originally intended as a throw away idea. Instead, I kept playing with it. I have a hard time letting go of projects (except for children’s book projects where I can’t measure up to my own expectations).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my comic. After the initial first seven page upload, I intend to add a new page every Tuesday and Thursday (at least until I exhaust my archive). And if for any reason you want to read ahead, you can purchase the digital comic at